OUR Curriculum

Part 1: Embodied oppression, embodiment


Context: How systems shape us in how we feel in our bodies and how we freely express our bodies


-What did you pick up from the Embody readings and form your experience in dance?

-What is the culture at you school around bodies, movement?
-Our work is getting out of the mirror and back into our bodies. We want to build an internal mirror. What does that mean to you?

Part 2: Nervous System Psychoed - Regulation


Context: If we understand our nervous system and its reactions to the external environment, we can better manage our anxieties, inner-critic, take better care of our bodies and minds, and set appropriate boundaries with people.


Activity: Psychoed on how the nervous system works by focusing on the Window Of Tolerance - students draw their windows and facilitators explain this concept throughout the drawing of the window and labeling certain parts of it i.e. hyper arousal - anxiety, increased heart rate, hypo arousal - dissociation, feeling floaty



-What does regulation mean to you?

-What does tolerance mean to you?

-How do you experience your window of tolerance? What gets confusing about it?


Part 3: Intuition


Context: Developing intuitive practices at all levels - body, mind, emotions to help better be in tune with ourselves and take care of ourselves




-Sensate intelligences and feeling emotions

-Intuitive eating, movement and rest


Part 4: Getting to know your Inner-Critic and Inner-Nurturer


Context: Externalize critical voice in order to be able to challenge it more and instead relate to it with more self compassion by developing our inner-nurturer


Activity: Sculpting exercise in dryads., First of Inner Critic and then Inner nurturer


Part 5: Liberate Your Movement with Whacking


Context: Give the history of Whacking - all about freedom, liberation and expression; to help participants feel freer in their bodies and able to express themselves in their own unique way. Empowering. Positive. FUN.


Activity: History lesson, Whacking foundational movements, musicality exercise, freestyle exercise & prancing