Tatyana Topasna

Dance Collective Member 

“Growing up in the dance community has allowed me to experience many different dance companies, crews and teams. No Mirror Movement is unique and different than any other group I’ve been apart of. This collective is more than a sacred space for movement, but a family of support, a place for healing and spiritual growth. I’m proud to say I’ve been part of NMM since it’s birth, this community has helped me through some challenging  times in the past few years and I appreciate each and every member - Thank you!” 

David Ethridge

Sustaining Donor

As a supporter from NMM's inception, I believe in their passion and drive in making a better world. I am in awe of how they use dance as a creative platform to develop self-worth, support inclusion/community and promote healthy body acceptance. This is especially vital in a social-media driven world where pressures about beauty and acceptance can have negative and lasting consequences, starting at a young age. Their founder has drawn from her own experience to create NMM as a community-driven vehicle to promote positive change. I love supporting them.

Juliette Blank

Board President

Being on No mirror movement board has been a great opportunity to do more in the community and be a part of a movement that means so much to me personally and to others that we work with in all our programming. I’ve been a part of the curriculum creation, branding efforts, fundraising, and have had the privilege first hand seeing the impact we make with our dancers and in the communities we work with.