What do we offer?

We offer a nervous-system informed, eco-feminist curriculum which explores embodiment at the self, relational and community levels. Our programs: 

  • explore our relationship to ourselves and to others

  • work to expand what body image means, reflecting on oppression and privilege

  • utilize somatics, expressive arts and mindfulness as tools to explore rich topics and experiences

Embodied Opression

We explore opression in the following ways: 

  • How it lives in our bodies

  • How we perpetuate it on others

  • How we express it creatively through movement and storytelling while in community

Informed by the following scholars and theoretical orientations: 

Polyvagal theory, Attachment theory, Mindfulness, Health At Every Size by Dr. Linda Bacon, Somatics - Authentic Movement, Sculpting, Reiki, Expressive Arts - spoken word, drawing, movement, Eco-Feminist Model, Rae Johnson’s “Embodied Activism”, Adrienne Marie Browns “Pleasure Activism”, The Body Positive’s work, Yoga and the Chakra System, Liberation Psychology